Babar Azam gets candid says, ‘Lahori people didn’t treat me well’ in beginning of career

Baaghi TV: Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam has revealed that when I was in dire need of cricket at the beginning of my career, the people of Lahore did not treat me well.

Region kicked me out of the cricket team, I got upset. Lahore put me in T20 in 2 seasons but for the Pad One Down, I was sent to the 8th. This was done a second time. The third time they fired me, I had a hard time at the beginning of my career.

Babar Azam was talking exclusively on Inzamam-ul-Haq’s YouTube channel. The captain of the national team told former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq that after this treatment in Lahore, I got a call from Sheikh Sahib from Rawalpindi asking him to play from Islamabad.

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I couldn’t afford the hotel so I had to stay in the ground finance room, I played 2 seasons like that, didn’t give up. When I needed cricket, the people of Lahore did not feed me. I got first class cricket from Islamabad, I got ODI cricket. According to Kirk Sen, Babar Azam said that in the early cricket, my father used to bring food for me and my cousins, then we would know that if he did not eat, We used to say that we have eaten, you eat.

On this, Inzamam said that whoever has honored his parents, Allah has made him king in this world. Babar also said that he bought the first bat with his mother’s money. His father used to come to watch every match. He would come and go in secret in some matches, and if he asked me later, if I had been out early, I would have given the wrong answer. I would have been beaten for lying.

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“Even at Under-19, I was accused of not having a good strike rate,” Babar said. Not a TV match player, I used to take it positively on how to solve it and then I improvised. I am sad to be unfit and not able to play in New Zealand and I am sorry for the loss but even if I am unfit, the team of Pakistan is big. If there is a team, then there is Babar Azam, otherwise there is nothing. Babar said that in the opening Test matches, he used to get out by 50 to 60. I thought I would relax. It was a mistake, it was a negative thought, it was fixed, it took me a while to understand. Head coach Mickey Arthur backed me up for the Test match. Everyone said, this is not a test capillary but, this guy went out of his way to support me, claiming that he would feed me and then feed me. They reassured me, backed me up, got the seniors together and it got better.

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“When my name is taken with Kohli and Ken Williamson, I get confidence from it,” Babar said. “When enthusiasm emerges, that’s what I pick. Talking to international players, I benefited from the good things I got from them. I enjoy my cricket first, then if I am not satisfied with any performance, even if I do 100, I still do my daily training and practice. The day does not pass without it”.

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I don’t carry past performances in the next inning. I try my best. If everything is new in the new day, then there should be a plan B. You have to give up a lot for food, sleep, functions. It is difficult to captain all three formats, but if I take it as a challenge, it makes it easier. I do not divide my mind. Tension must be removed from the body, so there should be recreational activities. We go to dinners, watch movies. Imam keeps the atmosphere good by making jokes, Hassan Ali also has this quality.

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