Nawaz Sharif bribed Broadsheet to abandon probe against foreign assets

According to Baaghi TV, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Broadsheet, K. V. Mousavi, said that Nawaz Sharif had offered a bribe to Broadsheet for abandoning the investigation against his foreign assets.

In an interview with a web TV, Mousavi said that Broadsheet rejected the offer from a man who claimed to be Nawaz Sharif’s nephew, saying that Broadsheet did not talk to criminals. The Sharif family has assets not only in the UK but all over the world. The Sharif family needs to give a lot of explanations about the source of these assets.

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According to the news agency APP, he said that the process of accountability was ongoing but, after the Musharraf government, the new government started obstructing the process by not giving access to information and terminating the agreements with Broadsheet. In response to a question, he slammed Nawaz Sharif’s claim that Broadsheet had acquitted the Sharif family of the charges. It is a complete lie that Broadsheet acquitted the Sharif family of the charges.

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He said Broadsheet did not investigate the source of the purchase of the Avenfield apartments because the Pakistani accountability court had already made it clear that the apartments were bought by the Sharif family with looted wealth. He said that if the Pakistani government had said so, Broadsheet was ready to investigate the sources utilized in buying Avenfield apartments.

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He said that Nawaz Sharif was behind the termination of the agreement with Broadsheet, who were investigating how money was looted from Pakistan and hidden abroad. He said that General Musharraf had assigned the task of tracing the assets of 200 people to Broadsheet but after his government, the NAB asked to remove the names of some people from the list which was denied.

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