Suspected PIA pilots with fake licenses, Baaghi TV gets the list

Baaghi TV has received names of pilots who can possibly be on the list of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilots having fake licences.

According to the sources of Baaghi TV, this is a list of PIA pilots who are likely to be on the list of pilots carrying fake and ‘dubious’ licences.

A preliminary investigation into a deadly plane crash in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi has found that 30% of the country’s civilian pilots have fake licenses.

List of 17 PIA pilots carrying fake licenses
CAA reluctant to take action against PIA pilots with ‘dubious’ licenses

While addressing Pakistan’s National Assembly, Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that the country has 860 active pilots serving its domestic airlines, as well as some foreign carriers, and that 262 have fake licences and are not qualified to fly.

However, according to the reports, around 150 PIA pilots with suspected licences have been barred from flying the aircraft and pilots who verify their licences will be taken on duty.

PIA decides to ground all pilots with suspected licenses

The government has decided to take strict action against all pilots who have been flying commercial jets without a licence.

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