US Presidential Elections: Second debate between Trump and Joe Biden canceled?


Baaghi TV reports that the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden over the US election has been canceled. The second presidential debate was scheduled for October 15th.

According to a news agency, the second debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on October 15 regarding the US presidential election has been canceled. The debate was canceled due to President Trump’s refusal to participate. The third presidential debate is scheduled for October 22nd.

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US President Donald Trump, while refusing to participate in the debate stated that it is because the debate is to conducted virtually. Trump said he could not waste time sitting in the debate, and instead of participating in the debate, he would hold rallies. Trump also accused the debate commission of trying to save Joe Biden from defeat. Joe Biden was also defeated in the first presidential debate.

On the other hand, anti-Trump candidate Joe Biden is not only ready to participate in the debate, but he has also assured that the recommendations of the debate commission will be implemented.

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It should be noted that a record turnout is expected in the US presidential election, more than 4 million people have cast their votes in the early voting in the United States so far, more than 4 million people cast their votes by post. Details of postal voting were released by the US Elections Project. The report lists votes cast in only 31 states.

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