Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar Case: Tables Turn as Shafi Exposed!

Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar Case: Tables Turn as Shafi Exposed!

During the session of her cross-examination in the defamation case, singer Meesha Shafi said that she chose to speak up about the alleged incidents of sexual harassment as she saw no way to resolve the issue privately.

According to the details, Meesha Shafi has revealed on Monday that she wanted to resolve the matter of sexual harassment she allegedly faced at the hands of fellow singer Ali Zafar privately, but she failed to do so, forcing her to speak up about the alleged issue in public.

“… it became clear to me that this matter was not being resolved privately,” she said, responding to the queries of the counsel for actor-cum-singer Ali Zafar, who is pursuing a defamation suit against the female singer.

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However, an insider told Baaghi TV that during the cross-examination in the defamation case, Ali Zafar’s lawyer confronted Meesha with her message to Ali Zafar after the session/concert where she alleged the incident of harassment.

The message stated: “All thanks to you Jalal. Had a great time jamming and performing. Hectic but memorable. And so grateful for the kind words Ali had to say on stage. Now on to the next one.” She also shared a picture while performing with Ali Zafar on the stage in the private WhatsApp group chat.

During the cross-examination session, Ali Zafar’s lawyer questioned Meesha regarding the WhatsApp group chat saying, “Did you have a great time jamming. Yes or No?”

Baaghi TV’s source revealed that Meesha Shafi had no answer to the question, all the singer had to say was “I need to take time. I do not remember details of the incidents.”

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The Canadian actress appeared for questioning in the Sessions Court on January 3, 2022, in a defamation case filed by Ali Zafar, where she was interrogated for five hours.

It is to be noted that Shafi admitted during the cross-examination session that she tweeted a day before the recording of the first show of a concert on April 19, 2018 because she wanted to help herself as nobody was helping her. However, according to the WhatsApp chat received by Baaghi TV, she seemed to be quite comfortable performing with Ali Zafar.

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