PALPA goes viral on salary cuts…

True colors of PALPA beginning to show!

Pakistan Airline Pilot Association (PALPA) has started showing their shenanigans since the very outset for the need of inadequate safety or protective measures amid the coronavirus crisis in evacuating stranded citizens.

Calling in a strike of sorts at that time, asking for luxury jets and their unwillingness to fly in military aircraft, not contributing to the government COVID fund to show solidarity and support, not meeting the management officials to discuss operational matters and instead preferring to meet political leaders or the PM, bringing out the dirty linen on public TV, making hue and cry in becoming part of the crash investigation board knowingly that it would compromise the investigation due to a direct conflict of interest and etc, all is getting out of the bag.

Like a plot unraveling, orchestrated by an inept director of plays distanced from the reality of time or space. All of this is nothing but a splendid display of half-witted Machiavellian skills aimed at distracting ordinary people from the core issue of them functioning like a Chinese triad or mafia aimed at furthering their financial goals only. This latest stint simply bears testimony to this fact.

Can PALPA deny these facts?

PALPA: Anti-state, bloodsucking union

Machiavellianism as a concept is viewed negatively because it does not even try to justify itself as ethical, in fact it rejects ethics altogether. The ends justify the means, be it playing with the emotions and lives of honest hard working common folk who at times are made to believe in the farce in order to distract them and keep them preoccupied with delusions of grandeur.

Such people pursue Machiavelli’s ideas of deceitfulness in his book titled “The Prince”. The days of the far right or the far left have ended, people are much aware socially and information wise to fall prey to such ludicrous and outlandish notions or claims. It is merely an insult to the intelligence of this nation.

The image building by PALPA has much room for improvement, perhaps their expensive PR company is robbing them high and dry. They were never the “Robin Hoods” nor had the merry men within the company. Therefore, their attempt to analogize an outlook of a knight in shining armor coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress, simply does not hold weight.

All you need to know about PALPA

PALPA: Cause of degradation of professional standards and accidents in PIA

Traditionally, pilots are much distanced from the rest of the employees within an airline especially those that go to office from 9 am to 5 pm. They login being driven to the airport in a dedicated and separated vehicle from the rest of the crew, fly and check in into 5 star hotels. The cycle repeating itself over and over again with hardly anytime to interact with the rest of the lot.

The ground staff contributed to the COVID fund without much commotion and evidently are not much disturbed either with these recent deductions, perhaps attributed to a higher situational awareness or cognizance of the reality that shrouds them in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, PALPA seems to be drum rolling the wrong agenda or priority. It comes to show how distant they are from the rest of the employees. Most certainly a bourgeoisie trait if not a school of thought. Why don’t we eat cakes if there is no bread? The us and them, the untouchables versus the high and mighty.

PALPA Exposed !

PALPA must be abolished or legalized now!

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has a long history of pilot high handedness incidents and their need to demand absolute allegiance from the other lowlifes. It is best parked at this juncture and not delved deeper.

On the subject of deductions, these deductions from salary have been made using an income based criteria, the lion share attributed to the more affluent, which is logical and reflects an incremental increase slab-wise. After all this is a formula they themselves have always propagated, slab-wise increases.

A 25% deduction in a pilot salary could actually be ten times the gross salary of a check-in agent that they simply shrug aside when on the stride to the cockpit. The average basic salary of a PIA pilot ranges between 500,000 – 1,000,000 rupees a month, then flying allowances of average 11,000 rupees an hour with minimum committed 75 hours to be paid regardless of flying. That puts them a class apart from regular employees thus making them also think that way. So when all the other employees are thankful to the heavens for at least still having a job, the flyers being self presumed most victimized segment of employees, and acting as the most under privileged are demanding the salary cuts not to be made.

Watch Mubasher Lucman challenging PALPA in his latest video

These are testing times for all, including those at the helm, sacrifices need to be made by all. Those that have been blessed need to contribute more so that those who are less privileged can survive.

Industry wide airlines are doing much more than simple salary cuts or slashes and most people are voluntarily contributing. And most of them are happy with it as long as their jobs are secure. It is nothing but a sorry state that warrants some deep soul searching if PALPA is running rogue at this crucial juncture or there is something much more sinister at play here.

Developing a more stable sense of self-worth is never a quick fix. The hope is, however, that stubborn people will realize that although the world is full of individuals who think they are right, an individual’s strength and path to greatness is the ability to admit fault when a wrong decision has been made. Without reflection, stubbornness is nothing more than plain stupidity.

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