Tourism in Pakistan and How to Revive it?

Tourism is playing an important part in the world’s leading economies. Maldives receiving 60% of total GDP through tourism is a noteworthy example, Palau and Grenada receive 48% & 40% of the country’s total GDP respectively.

Pakistan is blessed with one of the most beautiful locations on earth and people all around the world are coming to see them, it includes Feary Meadow, Rakaposhi, Ratti Gali lake, Nanga Parbat, Malam Jabba, and many more.

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In recent years, Pakistan has given great emphasis on tourism. PM Imran Khan himself and many other government officials’ visits to different sites have played a pivotal role in tourism boost. Certainly, Pakistan is blessed with breath-taking natural landscapes; moreover, traditional Pakistani hospitality has empowered Matchless-Pakistan, but international tourism is limited to a few areas in the country and Pakistan remains not as much recurrent from the list of nations whose people want to visit Pakistan at least once in their lifetime.

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We instantly need sound and thorough planning when it comes to the tourism industry. Despite the growth of the domestic tourism industry and related infrastructure many destinations still have a lot of room for the development of modern necessities such as high-speed internet, Hoteling, Banking, and basic health facilities. The unregulated hotel industry in many areas has imbalanced the local ecosystems and diluted the beauty and serenity of the natural landscapes.

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Another aspect of the tourism industry is the transport industry because tourism cannot be done without proper transport, in Pakistan most of the tourism is done on coasters, due to a rise in the tourism industry after the take over of Prime Minister Imran Khan who had a great vision about tourism, many young people in Pakistan have started their own private tourism agencies, they arrange tours of universities, families, offices, etc at a very affordable price.

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In this way, many people especially young people are starting to get an interest in the northern areas of Pakistan and they are highlighting the nature of Pakistan. Now new and comfortable routes and roads to facilitate national and foreigner tourists.

Unplanned construction of hotels must closely be monitored. Like other industries, tourism too cannot flourish without proper planning, investment, marketing, wide-ranging and comprehensive government policies.

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Government must regulate both the construction of hotels and the inflow of tourists to popular destinations, in order to conserve the scenery and reduce the carbon footprint by imposing heavy fines. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to help to conserve this natural beauty of our motherland for our future generations.

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Tourism in Pakistan is not only limited to northern areas. Now inter-city tourism is also taking a rise because it shows the heritage and culture of Pakistan, In historical cities like Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Peshawar Quetta, Narowal, etc there are plenty of antique places to visit. For example, Kartarpur corridor, Walled city Lahore which included Wazir Khan Masjid, Delhi Gate, etc. There is Mohenjo Daro near Quetta, Beach in Karachi, Minar e Pakistan, Lahore fort in Lahore, etc there are many many places like this which people come to see from all over the world to know about the culture and beauty of Pakistan.

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Last but not the least, Pakistan remained in the grip of proxy terrorism for a number of years which also have caused disastrous damage to our sports and tourism. However; Pakistan’s continued struggle to eradicate proxy terrorism and practical participation in peace revival in the last two decades has also been well-acknowledged from all international communities another plus for our tourism.

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Military operations have helped us to eliminate the militants besides our efforts world has actually witnessed a peaceful Pakistan quite evident from the feedback of foreign tourists. In their 2019 visit to Pakistan Drew Binsky an American vlogger says Pakistan is absolutely amazing, the hospitality he received here he never received in 162 countries.

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Reportedly Rosie Gabrielle from Canada embraced Islam inspired by the people of Pakistan leading potential travelers to perceive Pakistan as a safe and friendly destination.

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Writer: Mian Abdul Mateen Twitter Account: @MateenSpeaks

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