Pakistan has immense potential for growth in tourism sector

Our homeland Pakistan is full of attractive and beautiful tourist destinations. Promoting tourism, exploring new tourist destinations, preserving archeology, protecting tourists, providing facilities to tourist areas and promoting related issues are the need of time.

The tourism sector can play an important role in the economic development of Pakistan. Pakistan has immense potential for growth in the tourism sector. Pakistan is also one of the most unique and beautiful countries in the world geographically.

In particular, the tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have one of the most beautiful landscapes of the country with beautiful mountains and lush valleys. In order to promote tourism, it is very important to highlight the historical and cultural heritage and tourist destinations of a country at the international level.

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While the promotion of tourism requires the provision of facilities for historical and cultural sites and tourists, the establishment of law and order is also one of the basic needs.

Unfortunately, for a while, the tourism sector in Pakistan was badly affected by the law-and-order situation. But now peace has been restored in Pakistan and especially in the tribal areas after the security forces’ operations and so through Pakistan’s print, electronic and social media Pakistan has been presented as a peaceful country.

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The social media platforms including media platforms such as Baaghi TV and Concept TV, which publish various articles and news about culture, tourism, peace and sports on their news websites and release them through global social media accounts. This increases the image graph of Pakistan due to which the peaceful and ideal tourist destinations of Pakistan became an ideal in the world and an attraction for international tourists.

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Tourism is an important source of economic growth and employment opportunities around the world and has been given industry status in various countries of the world.

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This write-up has been contributed by M Abid Khan Atozai. He can be reached at @AtozaiKhan on Twitter.

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