System of Education in Pakistan: Trials in Pandemic

When man traveled from heaven to earth, he started life very simply with the passage of time man kept exploring and learning about the things around him. Man’s quest to discover and learn about his surroundings is called knowledge and to acquire knowledge is called education.

If we talk about Islam in terms of education, then Islam is the religion of nature. Islam calls for education. It calls for finding what is in the Earth and the Universe, as stated in the Qur’an: “O you who believe! Travel the earth and explore what is in it.”

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Along with education, Training is also important

The Prophet (peace be upon him) narrated a number of hadeeths regarding education, some of which are as follows:

“Get knowledge from mother’s lap to grave”

“It is the duty of every Muslim man and woman to acquire knowledge”.

We basically have two systems of education in Pakistan. One is religious education and the other is secular education. Religious education focuses on teaching the Qur’an, hadith, and jurisprudence, while secular education teaches science, arts, humanities, and others.

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When we talk about secular education, it has various systems. Public schools have the Urdu medium meanwhile, private schools follow the English medium System. We also follow the Cambridge and Oxford systems. This division has further segregated the students of Pakistan – whose thinking has become divided.

Urdu medium students do not like English medium students. English medium students do not like Urdu medium students. Whereas, students at Oxford and Cambridge consider themselves superior to all others. Besides, no one is benefiting from the education they are getting from all these sources. Some are becoming proud by getting an education, while others are suffering from misguided behavior. Some are running after money, and others are using their powers in the wrong direction.

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Going beyond that we come to the examination system, which has itself been very weak from the beginning. There are many flaws in this system. Here the student’s ability and hard work are dependent on the examiner. If he is in a good mood, the student’s hard work is awarded, and if he is angry, the student’s hard work is wasted. In addition, bribery has become common in the examination system. Rich students pass without hard work on the basis of money as a result poor students are left behind even after working hard.

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This system has become nothing but a source of frustration for students and the persecution from all above is that the coronavirus has affected the country. The COVID-19 virus has further paralyzed the education system. The students do not know when the schools will open nor do they know when the schools will close. This year’s MDCAT exam has resulted in protests by students, where millions of students were preparing to take the exams for admission in medical colleges but the date kept changing till the last moment due to which millions of students including me suffered from mental anguish.

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There are many types of students all over the world, there are hard workers, there are job thieves, there is a mixture of students in Pakistan as well, but the Corona epidemic has made the majority of students lazy and tired from online studying. Now all the time, students are attempting to run away from education and are used by some so-called leaders on Social media who all the time are trying to cancel the exams just for leg-pulling of the current government.

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This situation is very unfortunate, dangerous, and alarming for Pakistan, but still, there is no need to panic. Together we can improve this system. As students, we have to create enthusiasm in ourselves and appreciate the efforts of the present government regarding textbooks that are commendable. May God grant us success in the field of education so that we can serve our country in a better way. Ameen.

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