Hindutva regime and Atrocities against Muslims in India

It is well-known to everyone, the violence or ill-treatment of Muslims in India is nothing new or unusual. Such incidents occur in every regime, but under the rule of Narendra Modi, the problems of Muslims have increased.

Life has become narrow and their movement has become limited. Since there is a bigoted regime in India, a government that does not give importance to people belonging to any religion other than Hinduism at the official level, there are various incidents of mistreatment of people belonging to all religions except Hindus.

Another video of fanatical Hindus abusing and torturing Muslims has surfaced. In the video, a group of five people beaten a Muslim man in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district and asked him to go to Pakistan. The cruel way in which these fanatical Hindus have targeted these Muslims on the basis of religious bigotry is a blot on the name of the world’s largest democracy.

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Since such incidents are part of the norm, it cannot be said that such incidents are based on misunderstanding or that the occurrence of sporadic incidents does not reflect society as a whole. They are targeting and torturing Muslims, in particular, as part of their religion. They consider violence against Muslims as a religious duty. Those who do so are never set a precedent but are given legal protection.

The treatment of mosques in India is not hidden from anyone. Now, this latest incident is enough to open the eyes of the world once again. If this is how Muslims are treated in India, then guess what the Indian occupied forces are doing to the Muslims in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). Where there is an army everywhere, there is so much oppression.

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In the incident in Ajmer, an accused was also seen kicking the head of a boy with the victim. Police have confirmed that the incident took place in the Subhash Nagar area, but no FIR has been registered so far. A case will be registered under the provisions relating to the disruption of harmony.

It is pertinent to mention here that, the FIR of the incident which took place on August 20, 2021, has not been registered yet while it is not possible as the victim could have dared to do so or if he had this status he would have been resisted on the spot. But the attitude of the police is always to encourage the perpetrators in such incidents. When the video is with the police, everything is clear, there is no ambiguity, nothing is hidden, then why not take action against the perpetrators of violence and those who disrupt religious harmony.

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India finances such incidents in Pakistan, it politicizes planted events in Pakistan, runs false trends on social media to confuse the common people of Pakistan. The other side of the picture is that in India, no one belonging to any religion other than Hindus can feel safe. When police-sponsored bullying and violence becomes commonplace, it doesn’t take long to understand what state policy really is.

The Narendra Modi fascist regime is working on the philosophy of Hindutva. India’s biggest target is the believers of Islam. When they see the religion, the Narendra Modi regime considers the biggest enemy is Pakistan. They are attacking from all sides to harm our homeland. The chaos they have spread through Afghanistan over the past few years, the support they have given to terrorists, is an eye-opener and enough to shake the conscience of the so-called civilized world.

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There is ample evidence that India is one of the major money laundering and terrorist financing countries, but despite knowing the facts, the world does not take any action while Pakistan is trapped in the FATF. The rising incidence of violence against minorities in India is also a major challenge for human rights organizations.

The growing human rights violations in India show what game the Fascist Modi regime is playing with fire and blood everywhere. Indian Muslims have every right to live freely. No Hindu has the right to take advantage of being a majority to torture Muslims and advise them to go to Pakistan. It is the prime responsibility of international organizations to take steps to prevent violence against Muslims in India and Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). If the international community also remains silent in this regard, then it will be proved that the target of all is only Muslims.

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