Say No to Drugs: Seemingly Impossible until it’s done

“Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you — it’s the cage you live in”, Johann Hari. 

We have ever heard that drugs are very bad for us, but what does it actually mean? Before talking about drugs we should come to know that what is a drug, what it actually means, and why these drugs are not good for us. Actually, drugs are the chemical substances that affect our bodywork. They are the elements that affect our mental health. These substances also affect our physical conditions. Basically, there are many factors that influence individuals to take drugs.

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Many factors like social pressure, family pressure, high level of stress existing mental health and psychological trauma, etc. are the basic factors in drug abuse. The people who have a high level of stress like earning pressure, business losses, etc. prefer taking drugs. Often our youth goes to foreign countries in search of jobs; there they face the issues of adaption to the new environment. These individuals are more affected to get indulged in grasping of drugs. Mainly it is said that these are not drugs that make people addicted, actually, these are needs of life and comfort which make the man escape from the bitter realities of life.

Nowadays, we all are living in a liberal society. Here drug-abusing, smoking, and alcohol consumption are fashion trends. In the elite class, people take drugs, particularly alcohol to move higher in society. Alcohol refers to their name in society. People take drugs in the form of branded cigarettes. Cannabis, opium, tobacco, alcohol, and heroin, etc. are the main drugs that are commonly used in Pakistan. The company of friends and peers is the main factor that influences the individuals for drug abuse. Actually these days we are living in a very competitive age. It is very essential for our individuals to grow up in the world of fantasy. Due to peer pressure our youth particularly children, teenagers, and young people feel pressure to take drugs, alcohol, and smoke. The children who feel themselves neglected and isolated in homes and society, get into inhaling the habit of drugs.

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Drugs are basically a waste of time. These drugs destroy our memory and our self-respect too. It destroys everything that goes along with our self-esteem. Taking drugs is so peaceful and fascinating but it has negative aspects. Ill-health, sickness, aggressiveness, irrational behavior, depression, inflammation in the liver, Heart weakness, and ultimate death are the main causes of drug abuse. According to UNODC, Pakistan has 6.7 million drugs users. More than 800,000 Pakistanis whose age lies between 15 and 60 use heroin regularly. It is estimated that more than 44 tons of heroin are consumed in Pakistan yearly. Mainly the people with lower backgrounds are addicted to drugs.

According to a UN report, Pakistan is suffering from 7.6 million drug addicts. 78% are male drug addicts while 22% of females are addicted to drugs and alcohol assumptions. The number of addicts is increasing day by day. According to a survey, these numbers are increasing at the rate of40,000 per year which is too dangerous. It is making our country fall in the category of most affected drugs countries.

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The drugs abuse and awareness programs deal with so many goals that included mand reduction. Reduction of drug-related crime and violence and reduction of drugs related to health and social costs. The goal of UNAP’s Drug Abuse and Awareness Campaign is to educate and enable Pakistaniyouthto reject illicit drugs. Many campaigns are running throughout our country for “SAY NO TO DRUGS”. In the last few days, a trend was running with the caption “say no to smoking”. It is very difficult to get rid of smoking but if one can quit it for a day then we can also quit it for a lifetime. It always seems impossible until it’s done because we know that once we learn to quit, it becomes our habit.

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The Opinion is written by Areeba Shabbir. She can be reached at 

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