Taliban Victory vs. the Indian defeat in Afghanistan

Taliban-Victory-vs.-the-Indian-defeat-in-Afghanistan #Baaghi

The Afghan Taliban have advanced rapidly, conquering different parts of Afghanistan and taking control of Kabul. Proving once again, the historical truth, that power is not in the gun but in the hand that wields it, and that passion and faith are more important than capital and resources, the best model of which is the Battle of Badr.

The CIA’s claim that it would take the Taliban three months to conquer Kabul has once again been proven wrong – raising questions about the CIA’s professionalism compared to other intelligence agencies around the world. Disagreements with the views of the late General Hameed Gul are valid, but his prediction that Pakistan’s ISI, along with the United States, defeated Russia, one of the world’s superpowers, will be written in history. And once again, together with the United States, defeated the United States itself.

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After 9/11, NATO forces and US forces invaded Afghanistan. The history of Afghanistan shows that to this day this land has never conceded defeat. Even the Soviet Union once had a big parrot. But he also not only knelt down but also stabbed himself. But despite this lesson, NATO and US forces were very proud of their power. Fear and dread only happen to the person who loves his life.

But US forces may not have known. The mountain they are going to try is a mountain. Whoever hits them will be shattered. Because they have no love for life and the biggest thing is they have nothing to lose and it is something that can overcome every difficulty. The Taliban ruled from 1996 to 2001. Islamic law was in force throughout the country. By October 2001, US forces had ousted the Taliban.

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2011-12 was a time when about 1.5 million foreign troops were fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. These soldiers had the most advanced military equipment in the world. Then US President Barack Obama reduced his military. Currently, the number of Afghan security forces is 350,000. These security forces have been trained by US and NATO forces over the past 20 years. Since 2015, 30,000 Afghan soldiers have died in the war.

In this war, 80,000 Pakistanis were martyred and suffered a loss of 120 billion. Now Pakistan can no longer afford to get involved in any private war. Stop and strengthen India as a US strategic partner in South Asia. Along with the United States, its ally India has also faced humiliation and shame, having spent billions of dollars inside Afghanistan in hostility to Pakistan. Having built training centers and safe havens in Afghanistan to carry out terrorism inside Pakistan.

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After the Taliban’s victory, all his dreams have been shattered. There are bright prospects for a happy Pakistan-Afghan relationship. They seem to be fulfilling the promises they made in negotiations with various world powers. Allah Almighty has also commanded in the Holy Qur’an to abide by the agreements made with your enemies. If the Taliban does not venture out and take the world with it, there is a strong possibility that the closed doors of development in South Asia will open. The 20-year war ended with the victory of the Taliban. The war started by the foreign forces then they considered it appropriate to suffocate and flee from there. It would have been better if the UN Security Council and the so-called powerful forces, which were so intoxicated with their power, had not seen anything.

If the same path of dialogue was followed then and Afghanistan was allowed to resolve its own internal political situation and try to do so, there would be free and fair elections and power would be transferred to whomever the people of Afghanistan elect. The trillions of dollars that have been poured into the mountains over these twenty years would have been spent on building and developing Afghanistan. Modern schools, colleges, universities were built there. Hospitals were built for the people. If playgrounds were built, the industry would be set up there. Hidden treasures were searched in the mountains of Afghanistan. Education and employment were provided to the young generation of Afghanistan. The young generation would carry a gun and a pen. Awareness could be created in the public. But nothing like that happened!

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This opinion is written by Sajawal Saleem. He can be reached, at @Sajawal_13

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