Women trying to imitate men is not feminism: Iman Ali


Baaghi  TV: Leading model and actress of the Pakistani showbiz industry, Iman Ali, while presenting her position on feminism commented that women’s rights and feminism are two separate things.

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According to reports of Baaghi TV, while attending Iffat Omar’s web show, the renowned model and actress was asked about feminism. What do you think about feminism? On which Iman Ali responded, that the two are different concepts. First of all, we need to understand the concept of what women’s rights are, and what feminism is.

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Iman Ali’s short video clip on feminism is currently circulating on social media.

Iman Ali believes that, we should understand what feminism is before support feminism. Celebrating being a woman would be feminism, but trying to be a woman who likes to be more like men, is not feminism.

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Women who do this not only abuse their rights, but also trample on their femininity, she said.

The actress said that in professional life, if a woman gets up and says that she should get the same amount for playing the role of a man, then it is unfair with the profession because, one should be paid according to ones talent. There is no justification for being a woman or a man.

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Iman Ali said that it is wrong for women to try to show and persuade others of feminism by being masculine and humiliating themselves. Iffat Omar was shocked by this answer and asked, “Do you think feminists are doing this?”

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In response, the actress said, we have taken the wrong approach. We are not presenting feminism the right way. If we continue along these lines we can’t spread feminism the right way. Men in particular are being bullied, it shouldn’t be like that, she added. Iman Ali further explained that we should celebrate being a woman. If we do this our value will not be diminished, she commented.

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Iman Ali who is the daughter of the late actor Abid Ali, has to her credit mega projects such as Khuda Ke Liye and Bol both based on important social issues.

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