Esports: Is Netflix’s Leap Towards Gaming Beneficial?

There have been energy waves throughout the media and gaming sectors since Netflix recently announced that it would feature video games as part of its membership service.

While still, Netflix hasn’t disclosed any specifics about the videogames it plans to develop or confirmed release date. It appears to be the company’s most significant growth since it began presenting its content in 2012. About 200 million people around the globe subscribe to Netflix, which started to broadcast television films and shows upon request in 2007.

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With video games and sports events combined, e-sports is the ideal initial step for any broadcast network considering a foray into gaming. Athletes and sports enthusiasts alike may earn money by correctly predicting who might win and if you fancy your chances. For the time being, Netflix does not provide any sports content or have access to live sporting events as its competitors Sky, Disney, Warner, and Amazon, do. As a result, Netflix will lose out on a significant portion of the lucrative sports betting business.

What about esports broadcasting on Netflix’s latest gaming service? In addition, the firm has a relationship with League of Legends creator Riot Games and has created or acquired unique television programming based on the online battle arena videogame before.

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Esports: Is Netflix’s Leap Towards Gaming Beneficial? | Baaghi TV

Other Netflix series and movies have links to the video gaming industry. The Witcher, a hugely successful fiction series on Netflix, is based on the same-name book series rather than the videogame, and there is no relationship between the gaming brand and Netflix. There have been video games based on Netflix series like Stranger Things, but these were not developed throughout.

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Vice President Mike Verdu

The COO of Netflix, Greg Peters, has recruited Mike Verdu as Vice President of Game Development. Previously, Verdu served as Facebook’s Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality Content. He had to work with gaming developers to make video games and other content compatible with Oculus VR headsets. Previously, he served for Electronic Arts on mobile game properties.

As far as we can determine, Netflix plans to begin with ad-free smartphone games. These will be included for free in the company’s current subscription plan and should be accessible relatively soon. Videogames will be added to Netflix’s catalog as a new type of programming and could be used to support future rises in the subscription fee. There will be no way of viewing or download the games separately.

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Innovative Ideas

Netflix’s entry into the gaming market is the most significant step yet in several reforms to keep the service ahead of competitors like Disney+. The firm’s poorest first-half results since 2013. The company added 5.5 million new members in the first quarter of 2021. The pandemic raised memberships, but those memberships are dwindling as more people venture outside again. Additionally, the value of Netflix’s stock has taken a dip.

It’s unclear at the moment if the new addition will feature specific programming for gaming. There is little doubt that Netflix’s partnership with Riot Games makes it an obvious choice, but they may start with more traditional games before making a giant leap. As part of the subscription plan, they may make gaming more enticing to non-players by broadcasting e-sports to them, who may find it more entertaining than actually playing games themselves. We will have to see in the future!

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