Music: A Passion, a Profession & the Inevitable Hardships

Music is an art and one who performs it is known as a musician. Being good at it is something that takes everything out of a musician yet not realizing anyone else about the effort that a musician makes in order to be famous or to get recognition. Most probably the thing that most musicians hate is not getting appreciated the way want.

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The main reason why musicians suffer is that music is only taken as a hobby in most societies around the world, people never take music professionally they think that a musician is a person who fulfills his personal desire of playing music or to just entertain a specific group of people, music has never been a profession to such people, rightly because there are only a few institutes in the world that teach music to their students alongside other professional qualifications.

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There is a need for assistance and guidance to learn any art. Apart from musical sense, there is no such instrument or portion of the music that one can learn or master on his own, lack of teachers and institutes is another big obstacle that refrains a person to become a musician if he finds no way to learn it he eventually quits the field.

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Hardships at the beginning level of music are almost the same for every person who takes the initiative to become a musician. The most important thing that makes or breaks a musician is support and first and foremost from his family and friends. Lack of support from family often results in disheartening a musician. Learning music is considered as a complete waste of time in most societies, especially in Pakistan parents don’t seem to allow their children to learn music or pursue a career in it, they think that it distracts them from studies and with the amount of growing competition it’s not obvious that their kid will become famous or will be able to meet his end from the earning. Also, they believe that music is forbidden in Islam so it’s better than that their kid finds his/her interest in anything else. That really shows that the support of family plays a vital role in well being of an individual and gives him the amount of courage that he needs to make his dreams come true.

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Music is not a well-paid profession, which limits most musicians to go forward with their dream, as with no other support especially financial support it’s really hard to work. If one is interested in making an album or recording a song he has to work his soul out for that and the money that is required to meet this is beyond the reach of most individuals. Lack of money is also one of the main reasons that limit most musicians to just stick to it as a part-time activity, many musicians are fond of working more than average just to support their musical activities i.e buying new instruments or recording expenditure especially if they are at the beginner level they have to pay their instructor or learning material that helps them in learning the music of their choice.

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To be famous or not to be that is totally a separate issue, a musician may only learn music just to entertain his friends or people around him or he might be learning the art to meet his passion. A passion ultimately becomes a profession, it happens a lot in the field of music. Not every person learns music to become a professional musician some learn it as a part of their hobby. For a performing musician, all he/she needs is an appreciation for the talent that he/she has and if he/she doesn’t get positive feedback regardless of how he/she performs, he/she may feel bad about it.

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Most musicians are emotionally attached to their passion and in order to feel good about it they want themselves to be backed by their audience, hatred they receive from their audience makes them miserable about their profession the way they never wanted to.

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