Drug addiction: A major threat to human life

Addiction is a curse that is becoming a threat to society day by day. It is our misfortune that our young generation is rapidly moving towards it without worrying about the consequences. There are many disadvantages to using drugs and the biggest risk is losing your precious life.

Although addiction begins with the use of mild drugs or just smoking, over time, drug addicts increase their demand. That is, the journey of intoxication begins with cigarettes, riding, handcuffs, or snuff, etc., which can lead to marijuana, opium, heroin, ice, cocaine, and injections. Until this journey, intoxication fills the human body with so much poison that it causes death.

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Thus, the journey of contentment in life ends at the worst end of life. The health and well-being of drug addicts are going through very critical stages. Their immune system is unable to fight disease. That is why drug addicts suffer from deadly diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hepatitis, hypertension, cancer, and heart disease. The critical state of health and well-being is the second biggest threat to the human race. Wisdom and consciousness are the standards by which man is given superiority over all creatures. However, drugs are man’s greatest enemy.

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Addiction destroys the human brain and it loses the ability to think, understand and decide. Addicts are devoid of intellect and consciousness, unable to think badly of themselves and their families. Because drug addicts are unable to think, understand, and distinguish between good and bad, they are morally very weak and immoral. Because of their addiction, they completely forget cultural traditions, social norms, and ethics. Drug addicts fall prey to various social illusions such as theft, robbery, lying, deception, fraud, and adultery and emerge as a disgraceful stain on the face of a society which makes the whole society rotten.

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It is a common observation that drug addicts are more prone to gossip and abuse than ordinary people. Moral degeneration and backwardness is a disadvantage of drug use that not only affects drug addicts but also has a profound effect on society in general. While drug use causes moral, mental, and physical backwardness, it also weakens a person financially. Drug addicts spend a large portion of their earnings on their drug-related needs, and sometimes the problem escalates to the point where they are seen asking other members of society for drugs. These people are unable to bear the financial burden of their families which leads to poverty and economic backwardness.

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If we look at the same point of view at the national level, we will come to the conclusion that billions of rupees are being wasted annually in the use of drugs, which, if spent on some useful work, could lead to a better economic situation. The family system provides a strong foundation for the human race to thrive, but addiction is a major cause of the destruction of this excellent system. Drug addicts are psychopaths who have nothing to do with their families. Addiction affects their brain badly, causing them to become quarrelsome and violent. These people with intolerance and sick mentality always fight with their families because of their irritability.

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In many cases, the situation becomes so serious that it leads to murder and divorce. There have been many cases in which drug addicts have sold their children and even their honor for the sake of drugs. Addiction is a major cause of social decline and deviation from cultural traditions. When a person does not have the ability to think and understand, he will create chaos and unrest in society.

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In view of all these circumstances, it would not be out of place to say that drug addiction is the greatest threat to the human race today which is taking our generations to the brink of destruction. In the last few years, there has been a growing trend of smoking and drug use among the younger generation in Pakistan, which needs to be stopped immediately.

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I commend the entire Baaghi TV team for successfully launching an anti-smoking campaign last month and educating young people about anti-drugs and smoking in the best possible way. I believe that such healthy and useful activities should continue under the leadership of the government so that our future and our young generation are safe from the scourge of drugs.

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