Water pollution & its effects on human beings

Water is one of the great blessings and gifts are given to living beings by Allah SWT, but man’s methods, uses and other necessities of the resources have made this blessing deadly.

Despite the basic necessities of life, we are afraid to spend on it and then spend all our resources to eliminate its ill effects. The biggest food problem in today’s developed world is water pollution.

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Water pollution is the enemy of human health and life in every way, as it is dangerous not only for humans but also for animals and plants. Defects in the sewerage system are in place, but rivers, streams, canals, rivers, lakes, and the sea far from urban areas are also free from pollution.

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There is no doubt that this pollution is man-made, but it can never be good for humans. The modern industrial age has played a key role in increasing water pollution. The developed countries of the world are not the only ones producing pollution. There is no doubt that many steps are being taken to reduce water pollution but these institutions are still unable to give satisfactory results.

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Today a common man is sitting at home longing for clean drinking water. In fact, man is looking at the production and profit of the industry but ignoring its losses even though some profit can be reduced if remedied all the time. But many precious lives can be saved. At the government level, only one percent of GDP is spent on health, which is a matter of concern. There are a few water treatment projects in some areas of the big cities.

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Our country’s sewerage system has become inefficient which pollutes it by adding clean water and due to the lack of sewerage systems in the villages the used water is used for crops. Deadly water-borne diseases such as malaria, sore throat, gastrointestinal diseases, jaundice, polio, vomiting, respiratory diseases, and cancer are all destructive to humanity, so there is a need to depending on the medium and long term planning so that future generations can have a better life.

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If so, it will be a rare gift for generations to come. Facts show that 62% of the urban population is unable to drink clean water, while the rural population is far from that rate. Out of every 100 deaths in the world, 40% in Pakistan is due to wastewater. Two and a half lakh children die every year due to water scarcity or pollution while all the projects proposed to solve these problems seem to be unable to achieve their desired results due to poor planning and corruption.

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The International Health Organization is working on this, but it should work with other regional agencies, organizations, and NGOs to develop more proactive plans and target each country individually as needed. Go and activate them with the help of local governments, set up small projects for larger purposes, and spend more funds where needed.

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The Opinion has been shared by Jahantab Ahmad Siddiqi. He can be reached at @JahantabSiddiqi on Twitter. 

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