25 years old pregnant woman saved by UAE doctors after a severe attack

This incident happened in Dubai when a newly married, pregnant woman was in a mall with her husband. She was twelve weeks pregnant at the time of the incident. The doctors say this case was the first of its kind and was very difficult to handle but with timely response and management, they were able to save the mother and the foetus.

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It all started with the mall outing where the patient initially started feeling the symptoms of the stroke. Firstly, the patient was unable to move her left hand accompanied by a dropping mouth leading to the loss of vision from the left eye and inability to speak properly. Because of the efficient and trained mall staff, the initial situation was handled well and an ambulance was called within eight minutes of the incident.

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The patient was immediately taken to the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Rashid Hospital where she was shifted to the hospital’s stroke unit in an emergency. According to Dr Sohail Al Rukn who was heading the stroke unit at Rashid Hospital, it was a difficult situation to handle but the process of the treatment went smoothly and efficiently. Initially, the patient was given oxygen and was checked thoroughly right after reaching the hospital.

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The biggest challenge for Dr Ayman Al Sibaie, who was the consultant interventional radiologist at the same hospital was to save the mother and the foetus both. Another challenge that they faced during the treatment was conducting the CT scan as they had to do it carefully because of the mother being pregnant as the radiations could be harmful to the baby.

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The scan results showed that there was a decrease in the blood supply which became the major cause of the stroke. There was a decrease in the blood supply to the right side of the brain. This was a tough moment for the doctors as they had to take a quick decision. According to the doctors, one option was to immediately inject the patient with a blood thinner but this could be very harmful to the baby inside her womb. The other option was intervention while using a thrombectomy catheter. In the end, the doctors decided to use low doses of the radiation to obtain a clear picture through the scan.

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The doctors used local anaesthesia during the procedure because the patient being pregnant, could be seen clearly in the procedure that a major artery of her body was affected the right side of her brain was completely choked. More and more of her brain cells were dying every second this is what happens in the cases of stroke.

PHOTO: The patient was immediately taken to the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Rashid Hospital where she was shifted to the hospital’s stroke unit in an emergency.

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Dr Al Sabaie also mentioned that the biggest challenge that they had was time management as they had to be quick with their decisions and procedures. They decided to use the suction method to extract the clot. Things were managed very efficiently and timely which is applaudable as the patient arrived at 4:35 pm at the hospital in the emergency was operated on by 5:33 pm. All this happened within the first hour of the stroke episode. There was a sigh of relief as the patient immediately started showing symptoms of recovery right after the clot was removed from her body. The blood supply was restored to normal and it was made sure that the patient not only survived but started recovering as well.

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The next thing that doctors had to look into was the baby inside the womb of the woman. A gynaecologist was called to examine the mother and the baby after the surgery. After a detailed examination, the gynaecologist told me that the baby was doing well and there was nothing to worry about. The pregnancy was still completely healthy and the mother and the baby were completely out of danger.

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The entire family of the patient was extremely happy and thankful to the doctors of Rashid Hospital for treating the patient with such efficiency. The patient recovered quickly and was allowed to go home after two days of her surgery. It was a huge success of the doctors of Rashid Hospital who did a great job under so much pressure and such an emergency situation and were able to save both, the mother and the baby.

The doctors advised the patient to continue with telemedicine consultation in order to study her sudden stroke as no previous history of any such strokes was recorded.

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Dr AL Rukn advises people to not ignore the symptoms of the stroke at any cost. He explained the symptoms by using the term F.A.S.T which are explained as facial drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulties and time. Since brain cells die every second so time is the major element here. Therefore, quick response to stroke can do wonders.

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This write-up has been contributed by Farid Khan. He is a sports journalist, who’s currently Head of Digital Media at Cricwick & Cricingif. He is a former Social Media Manager for Peshawar Zalmi. He has covered HBL PSL, Lanka Premier League, and T10 League among other franchise comps. He can be reached at @NotFareed on Twitter.

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